Early Development Research


Riverstar Research is a privately owned, state of the art research unit.  Our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing rapid study start-up and recruitment, outstanding data quality and timely completion, while maintaining the highest safety standards for our patients.


Our Early Development Capabilities range from Discovery and Preclinical trials to Early Clinical Research Trials (Phase I- IIa). including, but not limited to:

  • Proof of Concept
  • First in Man
  • Special Populations
  • Dose-Ranging Studies
  • Drug Interaction Studies
  • Bioavailability and Bioequivalence

  • Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamic Studies
  • Food Effect
  • Ascending Dose
  • Intent-To-Treat Populations
  • Vaccine
  • QTc / Cardiac Safety
  • Toxicology

For more information about our early development unit equipment, diagnostic services or features, please follow this link and complete our contact form:

Sponsor and CRO contact page link

The Riverstar Advantage

Remote data Access and Virtual Trials

We offer our Sponsor and CRO partners remote access to all clinical trial data and regulatory information via top eSource and eRegulatory platforms. These digital platforms and our site management systems are set up to pivot into Virtual Trials, as necessary.


Riverstar is a diverse organization with relationships throughout the many different ethnic and racial communities in the SE Louisiana region.

Internal QA/QC Monitoring

Riverstar's QA department performs 100% data verification before any monitoring takes place and systematically throughout the study. Our proven approach generates cleaner data, improves patient safety, and helps Sponsors and CROs meet trial timelines.

Patient Safety and Privacy

We maintain patient’s safety and privacy as our number one priority. All staff follow strict guidelines to make sure that all of our patient’s rights, both in terms of safety and privacy, are protected at all times.

Reliable Subject Recruitment and Retention

Our multilingual subject recruitment team ensure we consistently meet and exceed enrollment goals. A robust database, proven media recruitment strategies and an excellent health provider network contribute to identifying the best candidates for a trial. Our trial management systems and professional staff help Riverstar maintain strong subject retention levels from day one.

Outstanding Trial Management

Riverstar’s SOPs, internal training program, first-rate staff and internal monitoring system allow us to maintain the highest level of trial management in the industry.