Phase II - IV Outpatient Trials


Riverstar Research specializes in Phase II-IV multi-specialty trials, with an emphasis on CNS.  

Our diverse executive team has over 35 years of combined industry experience.  We have been involved in over 200+ Phase II-IV trials and were consistently among the highest enrollers in these trials.  In addition to our strong enrollment, we have an exemplary audit record, having been a part of several successful audits.  This experience has earned us a reputation within the clinical trials industry for building and managing first-rate research sites and has been instrumental in building long lasting relationships with Sponsors and CROs.

Riverstar Research runs on management systems that allow for efficient workflow and the effective management of all our Phase II-IV trials.  These systems allow us to provide expedited study setup and training, fast regulatory document turnaround and ensure timely subject recruitment and data capture.  We are able to move fast, while providing excellent results, making us an ideal choice not only for studies in the startup phase, but for those requiring add-on or rescue sites.

It is this experience, along with our well-trained, experienced staff and proven trial management systems, that make Riverstar Research a leading Phase II-IV site. 

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The Riverstar Advantage

Remote data Access and Virtual Trials

We offer our Sponsor and CRO partners remote access to all clinical trial data and regulatory information via top eSource and eRegulatory platforms. These digital platforms and our site management systems are set up to pivot into Virtual Trials, as necessary.


Riverstar is a diverse organization with relationships throughout the many different ethnic and racial communities in the SE Louisiana region.  

Internal QA/QC Monitoring

Riverstar's QA department performs 100% data verification before any monitoring takes place and systematically throughout the study. Our proven approach generates cleaner data, improves patient safety, and helps Sponsors and CROs meet trial timelines.  

Patient Safety and Privacy

We maintain patient’s safety and privacy as our number one priority. All staff follow strict guidelines to make sure that all of our patient’s rights, both in terms of safety and privacy, are protected at all times.

Reliable Subject Recruitment and Retention

Our multilingual subject recruitment team ensure we consistently meet and exceed enrollment goals. A robust database, proven media recruitment strategies and an excellent health provider network contribute to identifying the best candidates for a trial. Our trial management systems and professional staff help Riverstar maintain strong subject retention levels from day one.

Outstanding Trial Management

Riverstar’s SOPs, internal training program, first-rate staff and internal monitoring system allow us to maintain the highest level of trial management in the industry.